World Charity Day Celebration

World charity day and random act of charity holds on the 5th of September yearly.

Every year, charities all over the world help to save and improve people’s lives, fighting disease, protecting children, and giving hope to many thousands of people.

To honor the important work that these many charities do, in 2012 the United Nations decided to nominate an annual International Day of Charity as an official day of recognition and celebration. The reason the date was chosen is because it is the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

This choice commemorates the tireless work that Mother Teresa did by devoting her whole life to charity work. To celebrate this special day every year, the work of different charities all over the word is publicized and celebrated.

People are encouraged to donate money and time, to carry out charitable works, and also to educate people and raise awareness about the many charitable issues worldwide.

Make the most of your life…share it every day meaningfully with others, making a difference.

People always need help

Life is hard, and for some, it’s nearly impossible. Due to circumstances beyond immediate repair, there are some people who are trapped in negative cycles that prevent them from affecting positive change on their own lives.

The only reason humanity has survived as long as it has is because of our tendency to help others. All we have to do is reach out.

Sometimes we forget to reach out and help people

This is understandable. The challenges we face in our daily lives can often be enough to make us short-sighted, concentrating on our own problems while ignoring those of others.

While it is important not to neglect yourself in favor of others (because it’s always harder to help people when nobody is helping you), it’s also important to reach out to others and give them a hand if you’re able to give it. The International Day of Charity is the perfect time to remember that.

You might not have heard of your favorite cause yet

This is the one positive side effect of the fact that the problems we face have such infinite variety. Thanks to all the different problems that can and do affect us, there’s a good chance that the cause you care about the most may not be given attention very much most of the time.

On the International Day of Charity, you may discover a cause that drives you.

DCF is reaching out to a nearby community to give some items randomly to children on Thursday September 5th, 2019 between 11:30 am – 12:45pm

Collections of materials and funds for this program is on. This project will continue at different times through each year afterwards.


"I want to say thank you to the Board, Management and Staff of DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited for their sacrifice in supporting me during my undergraduate studies. May God bless and prosper the company in all her endeavors.

Ini Gabriel Ibok(University of Uyo)


"Words of mouth can't describe how grateful I am to DCF. I will ever remain indebted to them. I don't know how to pay back but I will help people around me to achieve their dreams in any way I can.

DCF is a game changer! DCF is the best!! I love DCF!!! I love DeltaAfrik.

Ikafia, Ubong Sam(Pioneer DCF Scholar, University of Uyo)


"23rd September, 2011. I received a congratulatory message from Mrs. Isioma Omojani. The DCF gave me the opportunity to actualize my dream. Getting an engineering degree was a major step towards that dream and the scholarship made it possible.

I’m glad to be a beneficiary of the scheme that has brought smile to bright engineering undergraduates.

Ezekiel Olawale Donald